• The Cooperation Network of the European Routes of Emperor Charles has been certified in 2015, it’s based on more than 80 private and public entities around the world, even including entities from South America. The pillar of the Cultural Route is the study and valorization of the figure and era of Charles V, the last Emperor of Europe, as a key factor in the development and construction of European history. It is well experienced in international projects, having also good practices regarding cultural sector as gastronomy, historical recreations and rural tourism.
  • The European Route of Ceramics is a Cultural route certified by the Council of Europe since 2012 and it aims at giving value to the cultural heritage linked to the production of ceramics and its old tradition, creating a sustainable and competitive tourism offer not only based on the artistic productions and collections (workshops and museums), but also on the whole cultural and social development that these destinations have lived over the years. Among its objective, as stated in the Statute, the Route promotes among European young people and especially in the educational system, the research, the cultural and educational exchange focused on the subject of the European Itinerary.
  • ATRIUM is a cultural association that through the interpretation and enhancement of the architecture of the dictatorial and totalitarian regimes of the XX century works for the construction of a common European identity. Based on this topic, the association aimes as well at contributing to the development of new opportunities of cultural tourism at local, national and international level. The association has been certified and can rely on 13 members from Italy, (Bertinoro, Castrocaro Terme e Terra del Sole, Cesenatico, Forli, Forlimpopoli, Predappio et Tresigallo), 2 Municipalities from Bulgaria (Sofia et Dimitrocgrad) and one Municipality located in Romania (The Iasi District). Moreover three more municipalities from Italy (Ferrara and Torviscosa) and Albania (Tirana) have recently applied to join this network.
  • The European Routes of Jewish Heritage supports the preservation, appreciation and promotion of Jewish culture and Jewish heritage in Europe. The AEPJ is a European network of institutions that leads 2 main projects. First, the European Routes of Jewish Heritage (ERJH): a platform that promotes developing sustainable tourism, community engagement, young exchanges, cultural initiatives and educational programs to European Jewish sites, acting as channels for intercultural dialogue and promoting a better knowledge and understanding of European history. And second, the European Days of Jewish Culture, a European cultural festival, where the fundamental objective of this European collaboration is to highlight the diversity and richness of Judaism, with the intention of promoting dialogue, mutual recognition and exchange through conferences, concerts, performances, guided tours and other activities. Last year, more than 300 cities from thirty-three European countries joined the European Days of Jewish Culture.