New Pilot Action underway: The Jewish Path of Caucasus

The Israeli House and the Azerbaijan Tourism Board, both members of the European Routes of Jewish Heritage, have won the WalkEUR pilot action grant to develop a new collaborative Jewish heritage route, the Jewish Path of Caucasus.

The WalkEUR project, in which the AEPJ participates together with other Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, opened a call for grants three months ago, looking for innovative and transnational projects to strengthen the strategic development of the European Routes of Jewish Heritage. Through this project, AEPJ routes managers have participated in different trainings in Europe, together with other managers of other cultural routes. The call for grants is one of the last actions of this European project, opening new opportunities for the development of new projects.

In the case of the Israeli House and the Azerbaijan Tourism Board, the proposal for the creation of the Jewish Path of Caucasus, means opening a remarkable cooperation between Georgia and Azerbaijan, for the promotion of Jewish heritage, with the union of their two national routes. Both countries represent a very distinctive Jewish heritage, unique and still largely unknown to the public. Although there are decisive cultural differences, including languages and having many differences in customs and culture, the development of this route will allow the promotion of research into the history of the Jewish communities of the two countries, their exchanges and influences, and the creation of an infrastructure that will allow locals and visitors to explore in a dynamic, open and pluralistic way the rich Jewish heritage of these two countries.

The project foresees a four-month implementation process, where both institutions will develop exchange trips for technical teams, training workshops, a think tank, among other actions, with the support of the AEPJ. We would like to congratulate our Georgian and Azerbaijani partners for their fantastic proposal and wish them every success in the development of this fantastic project.